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Summer Blues

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Summer Blues

I’ve got the summer blues. I’m suffering with an extreme lust for all the blues of summer – turquoise, indigo and cobalt.

I just can’t get enough of these heavenly hues at home.

Shades of blue are fabulous accents, easy to live with, appealing to just about everyone and did you know that while turquoise brings a sense of youth with it, indigo and cobalt instill a sense of trust and sincerity? Blues work with just about every decor palette. One of the best sources for inspiring palettes is your favorite fashion magazine. Grab a copy of Vogue or Elle, a glass of lemonade and don your bikini and let’s head out to the lounge chairs on the patio in search of a new palette for our favorite rooms. At home, my personal colour palette came from a tear sheet from a Ralph Lauren runway show about four years ago and its still fabulous and still in vogue. The shot was of a model wearing a white bikini, drape in a caramel and chocolate fur wrap, standing on a sanding beach with brilliant blue water and sky behind her. The crisp whites, the varying shades of blue and blue greys, the caramel and the dark chocolate established my palette at home and I love it. Professionally, we often choose and present a color or mood board to a client along side a tear sheet from a runway show or fashion magazine. Apparel fashion is one of the best sources of inspiration and direction for home fashion and you’ll certainly have no trouble finding blues in fashion this season.

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Summer BluesShades of blues work with just about every existing palette. They add sparkle to a bland mix of neutrals: creams, beige, taupe, chocolate, black, and charcoal. They are simply brilliant with crisp whites and they even work great with other accents such as red, purple, greens and yellow. Blue is one of the most versatile and flexible colour opportunities that we have at our designer disposal. So how can we mix in a little blue at home?

We never want too much of any one colour but when applying an accent shade to a space you do need to use it at least three times within the room or it’s an accident instead of an accent. So, toss in the throw cushion, drape a blue throw over the arm of the sofa or lay it at the end of the bed, add a funky one-of denim chair to an empty corner, set a blue granite picture frame on a book shelf or end table, spray paint your lamp base a beautiful blue hue, wallpaper a couple of walls with an oversized blue geometric pattern or colour block a wall with blue paint. You can dress up a space with the season’s most desired hue in less than fifteen minutes- it doesn’t take long or a lot of dollars to keep your rooms in ‘vogue’.

Have you found your ‘blue inspiration’ yet? If you’re still hesitant to try adding blue to your decor, create a gorgeous “blue moment” in your kitchen by filling a tall glass container with water or lemonade and blueberries for a splash of blue. Hurry up then and indulge your blue crush and bring it home for fabulous living!



Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Blue

This summer make a cool splash into the blue. A blue palette is cool, refreshing and on trend for home fashion this summer.

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, BlueTurquoise, teal and aquamarine hues are truly cool shades that live stylishly at home this summer. Indoors or out these shades are not only refreshing but soothing and bring an element of calm into a space. Blue is said to be the world’s most loved colour and I too, admit to it being my personal favorite. Of course, it’s all about the palette, so the other colours you pair it with are equally important but I adore my palette of easy to live with, yet highly sophisticated, gray, white, charcoal, black and caramel fringed with a rich smoky blue. Blue is an extremely versatile hue that pairs brilliantly with brown, black, grey, yellow, orange and yes even red (think turquoise and a coral red). Basically, blue works with vertically every palette and style- fitting in with traditional spaces (think blue and white chinoiserie pottery) and simultaneously ultra contemporary decor (a great example is blue led underlit furniture- very hot!).

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My favorite pops of blue this year include geometrically patterned or silk papers, blue upholstered or ceramic ottomans, blue glass art including blue crystal chandeliers, chunks of topaz stones for sculpture and heavenly blue silk carpets. Don’t forget about the gorgeous blue eyeshadow seen on the runways this spring at Armani, Kate Spade, Jeremy Scott and Michael Kors. Try adding blue hues to not only your home decor, but also your wardrobe and beauty routine this spring to be right on trend.

Destress, feel refreshed and stylized this summer with shades of blue at home. Live fabulously!


It’s So Miami

It's so Miami Image 1

I just arrived back home from shooting another episode of Let’s Shop and this trip we hit Miami and have I got some great design ideas to share. One of the greatest blessings of travel is that not only can you hunt and gather fun products and pieces for your design but you can also gather suitcases full of inspiration.

Miami is a hot bed of product, creativity and hot designers, in fact, as I was chatting up the proprietor of one of Miami’s hottest design stores Nici, in walks Juan, straight out of Paris’s top 10 Designer  list. How fun was it for me to watch him and his client pick out and order about twelve items in less than ten minutes. “One of these, two of these tables and eight of these rock crystal vases and one of those oversized prints……”. Traditionally when we think of Miami we think sun, sand and of course South Beach but nowadays Miami is sooooooo much more.

I love colour and in Miami there is no shortage of fabulous colur and it’s truly a treat to see the return of colour to our rooms at home. Bright woven rugs, glass bowls and vases, chandeliers dripping with turquoise, amethyst and hot bright beads were amongst my top picks. Other notables in the lighting department were chandeliers dripping with barnacle’s – omg I’m in love and a chandelier is something that could change with the season. At one high end, all-Italian designer shop I saw outdoor ornaments such as two foot turtles, dog sculptures and strange kitchy pieces all painted in matte bright hues, blue, red, yellow and green. One of these pieces would look super beside the back yard pool or next to a patio chair, so much fun! Garden stools are also a fun find; you can find them in metallics and fabulous summer brights. I love the look of three in a row or even set a single metallic stool in your shower.

It's So Miami Image 2

Air plants, succulents and terrariums are all the rage in Miami, not only do they look fabulous, living art literally but they are so easy to grow, mist regularly and enjoy. Living sculpture, and oh so summer!

Oversized was also a notable trend, oversized and fabulous photo prints were very sexy especially when paired with a bright tangerine, yellow or a turquoise wall. Oversized glass bowls and vintage floor lamps made me drool and it was more than apparent that gold is certainly a stronger trend than silver right now and looked amazing with these bright summer hues. Photo prints also looked brilliant upholstered onto the backs of some very sexy one of a kind chairs-think about this: a wonderful high gloss black frame, black leather seat and then bam, a super pigmented photo (think Alexander McQueen) transposed onto fabric as a chair back upholstery. If you have the chance to visit Miami, be sure to make the Design District  a must-go shopping destination, when I travel I also like to visit a few show suites to see what’s going on and to undoubtedly bring home some great home fashion inspiration.

This weekend plant is an Aloe Vera plant, not only are they a sexy summer plant but they are useful. Aloe Vera plants are fabulous savers for a summer sunburn, addition to a cool tea or sparkling water cocktail and they look terrific on a patio table as plant art. Keep the planter simple and let the spiky elegance of the plant make the statement.