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Gold – Autumn’s Aureate

Cheryll Gillespie, gold

Gold, Autumn’s aureate is a colour that our homes are clamouring for this season. A little glitz, a little glam and a whole lot of warmth and elegance is what gold brings to a room.

We’ve seen it on the fashion runways this season and yes, I would love a beautiful gold lamé dress for the Christmas galas this year (I’m on a hunt for one so let me know if you see one). I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and my friend, the fabulous LA hair guru Victor Paul, had on the most delicious gold pants, I’m borrowing those for sure! At home, I’m bringing in touches of gold to my rooms in both accessory items and furniture.

I know, we mostly have silvers and stainless steel at home and are concerned about mixing the metals, but not to worry. Can gold work with my stainless appliances and gilded silver accents? Absolutely, designers love to mix up their metals. The most creative homes employ two or even three different metals in a room. Cool metals such as stainless steel and silver are perfect for the hot days of summer but as we get deep into Fall and Winter, it is seasonally appropriate and on trend to add some touches of warm metals such as gold, brass and copper. (Designer note – any time you introduce a new colour or metal ensure that you repeat it in the space at least three times so that your eye knows you meant for it to be there as an accent color and it wasn’t just an accident).

What are some of my favorite ways to add gold? End tables with gilded gold legs are the perfect accent next to a favourite chair, a few gold or copper photo frames mixed amongst your silver-leafed frames, similarly you can mix gold candle sticks amongst your silver and crystal ones. We love layering gold ceramic plateware and servingware on top of our classic white sets during Fall entertaining for extra sparkle at our dinner parties.

If you are in the market for some new furniture, specifically case goods, check out some of the fabulous new gold desk bases or headboards. Conversely, if you love the shapes and lines of your existing case goods but they are looking tired and worn, consider painting them with a metallic gold paint. Ceramic planters are another item that we often up-style with metallic paints. We are just completing a headboard made from rough reclaimed timbers that is being painted with a metallic gold spray. Can’t wait to see that piece installed at a client’s.

This winter bring home the gold and live fabulously!

Creatively Yours,


How to Live Like a Millionaire

How to live like a millionaire image

Who amongst us doesn’t gush over the pages of room in AD, Elle Décor, Florida Design and the other designer porn magazines? These million dollar rooms provide us with inspiration and aspiration and we too can achieve their ‘rich’ look without the trust fund. Honestly, we can have the same look of the rich and fabulous for far less simply knowing a few tricks of the trade. So read on if you want to raise the bar before friends and family arrive to celebrate the holiday season and give yourself a present- a rich and fabulous room makeover.

First look at these rooms, even the most traditional space is not cluttered, spotlessly cleaned, glass sparkles, metals twinkle and there’s not a speck of dust (like the cleaning staff has been through this room daily) and the room has space to breathe, less is by far richer and one needs to know when to stop adding furniture and accessories. How to know when enough is enough, horizontal surfaces need to breathe and we should be able to see their surfaces, if you can’t that’s your first clue that there is too much stuff in that area, next keep your table scaping to three, five or seven items.

Luxurious rooms and the most talented designers know how to mix it up, look at your inspiration (shelter magazines) and you’ll probably note that there are some new and some traditional items in that space. Perhaps it is a traditional end table that is set with a modern glass table lamp or an ultra modern dining room has a vintage piece of art hung above the buffet. Designers of the fabulous know where to spend their money for the greatest impact. For a dinner party we often set the table with every day inexpensive white dinner ware but toss in fabulous vintage salad plates or champagne glasses rimmed with 24K. Check out thrift stores, pond shops and flea markets for a set of glasses or plates to mix in with your less expensive serving pieces. We often chat about coffee table books here and once again I bring up the subject because we really do judge a book by its cover and table books can be inexpensive decorating staples. We use them to elevate smaller items and to help establish the mood of the room. Invest in great books on art, architecture, fashion and travel. You won’t need too many one to three is enough for a living room but they are important elements so choose wisely. While we are chatting accessories one other observation note, the most ‘expensive’ rooms will contain an organic element, a great chunk of amethyst or quartz, a bowl of beach pebbles, or a vase of drift wood or apple branches.

Keep furniture pieces neutral in colour and pattern and if you are living with regret turn to a neutral slip cover to save you from your mistake. Shop for a fabulous one of a kind chair and as we have discussed before make it fabulous, take it to your favorite auto body shop and have it lacquered gold, silver, bronze, white, black or multi toned and then have it upholstered in expensive fabric or even with a vintage rug or duree. Most chairs need approximately five yards of fabric. On the arm of the sofa or your new fabulous old chair throw a ultra luxurious faux throw-always think luxurious and sensual textures.

Every room needs some fabulous original art hung on the walls and art makes a statement as too our personal sense of culture, so hang well. Look for vintage paintings art flea markets and thrift stores or new student works. Student shows are a great source of fabulous talent at more than reasonable prices and who knows you may just pick up a painting or two from the next Picasso. The secret to making  your art look expensive and there’s no doubt that you will probably spend more on framing than on the piece itself if you have picked up the art from a student show or flea market is to spend the money on the framing. Frame it as if it was a highly valuable Picasso. To save a few dollars on the framing take you piece into the student art store where you’ll find that framing is considerably less than regular framing stores-shop where the artists shop.


We turn bargain store or even thrift store inexpensive table lamps into ultra luxurious and expensive fixtures simply by changing the shade. Shop on line or at your favorite lighting store for a great shade for a lamp. A new shade with a great texture, the perfect colour, (remember that a shade does not always need to be white or linen) and in a modern shape will take this fixture to greater heights.