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Cheryll Gillespie Media Group - New York Inspired

We just returned from a fabulous designorgasmic New York sourcing and scouting trip and oh my, did we find some great home fashion trends, materials and props. Who doesn’t love New York, it’s truly the epicentre of design in North America and we look forward to our semi annual creative indulgence.

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group - New York InspiredI have so many things to share that it’s hard to know just where to start so let’s start from the ground and work our way up. I don’t have enough naked floor space to lay all the to-die-for area carpets that Sam and I fell in love with. First from Edward Fields I loved, loved, loved the metallic threads that ran through so many of their fabulous carpets. Some appeared to be made out of the metal pot scrubbers, just like the ones that we use in our kitchens, this was a fabulous texture, available in both gold and silver . There were also countless samples that had tinsel-like metallic threads running through the otherwise organic textures and also a lot of sculpted raised carpets. Too yummy for words – I need more floor space!

For walls we swooned over antique mirror subway tiles, mirrored and ceramic patterned tiled and even wood parquet for walls. The mix of mirrored and ceramic or stone mosaic is a sexy brilliant combination- please can I have more wall space, there are so many tiles that I want to bring home.

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group - New York Inspired

For windows and furniture, colour was hot! Thank goodness we are seeing a return to colour. Lots of stripes, both chevron and lineal, typography inspired fabrics and skulls, yes skull motifs where every where from the fine jewelry displays at Barneys to the exclusive French fabric houses. We fell head over heels for a raw linen fabric with large printed skulls in metallic detailing. At Edelman’s Leather the fall collection consisted of laser cut skull and butterfly motifs.

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group - New York Inspired

Gold accent pieces shone brightly everywhere- from the apparel accessories and studded jackets at Patricia Field’s flagship store in SOHO to the designer furniture showroom floors. Gold is the hot metal this season and it looks fabulous next to all the spectacular crystal and agate pieces. Crystal, agate and gold are this season’s must have finishes. The overall look of the season, au natural elegance. I could have moved into the Ralph Lauren designer show room with the Baccarat crystal chandeliers, antlers, raw sisal, and silk carpets. The juxtaposition between easy, comfortable living and over the top opulence is far too alluring.

Speaking of seduction… you know that I’m having an affair with LED lighting, I love to back light glass for bar fronts, backsplashes and even flooring. We saw many displays that employed coloured LED’s to create fabulous ambience and design brilliance. Oh the possibilities with these new lights. Consider under-lighting furniture, wall hung mirrors or create a colour changing coffered ceiling that can change to reflect your moods. Out of the D&D building and into the vintage and antique shops, I have my eye on a one meter diameter architectural medallion of Medusa and a very old arched top safe………………….irresistible – just like the city itself. I’m already counting the days until I’m back!


Bangkok High End Shopping – Thong Lo Has it All

They say that Bangkok has something for everyone, and never is that more apparent than on a shopping trip. The city has shops to suit every budget – from the […]

They say that Bangkok has something for everyone, and never is that more apparent than on a shopping trip. The city has shops to suit every budget – from the bargain stalls at JJ market (aka Chatuchak), to the ritzy Thong Lo shopping area.

Sure, there’s the air conditioned malls that popular Ratchaprasong, from Siam Paragon to Central World, full of Western designer stores (complete with Western designer prices, slightly inflated due to Thailand’s luxury import tax), but don’t you want something a little more local?

Thong Lo is an area famous for its unique, indigenous shops that are frequented by Bangkok’s high society, both Thais and expats. Walking along just a few blocks of Thong Lo’s main street, it’s possible to find enough shops to furnish your entire home and wardrobe.

Start off with the Park Thonglor Tower, a type of high-end department store chocked full of designer and imported home furnishings, from Armani Casa, to Fendi, to Ralph Lauren furniture.

Continue north along Thong Lo until you hit the Lighting House, a place full of glittering, weighty chandeliers who’s price-tags are almost as heavy.

Cross the street and walk southwards until you hit a shop called Metta. Metta is a women’s clothing store, in which dresses have crisp lines and thick, luxurious fabrics, all in a variety of rich colours.

Continuing in the same direction, you’ll come across a shop with a rather unique concept –

Scarlett Dress & Dessert serves up delicious, sugary treats alongside its gorgeous dresses. Patrons can sit and enjoy their dessert, while also looking around at the dresses displayed around the shop, and doing a bit of window shopping.

Not a far walk from Scarlett is a lovely shop full of sparkly wonder, called Lifestyle. This three-level store is jam-packed with all kinds of high-end goodies that you don’t necessarily need, but will definitely want, to add that extra wow-factor to your favourite room.

Exhausted from all your shopping? Take a break and grab a posh cappuccino in the newly-opened Ducati Cafe, just opposite the Ducati store. If you’re hungry, you can choose from a nice selection of mixed cold cuts, pastas, burgers, salads, and sandwiches.

Of course, do explore Thong Lo for yourself! Venture down the small side streets (called sois) and discover hidden secrets and great finds that you can show off to your friends. It’s a full-on shopping adventure. Just remember to take frequent breaks as shopping in this heat can be exhausting!

How to get there:
It’s simple enough to take a taxi to Thong Lo. Simply get in, and tell the driver Thong Lo (pronounced Tong Law). He should take you along the main road, called Sukhumvit, and turn onto Sukhumvit Soi 55 (aka Thong Lo street). It is a good idea to let him drive you about two or three minutes down the street before getting out and beginning your stroll, as there are not many shops of interest at the start of the street.