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Everything Gold is New Again

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Everything Gold is New Again

Fashion runways, catwalks and the most spectacular designed rooms all over the globe are glistening with a golden aura. Gold is hot, shiny and new! Make room in your room for some golden touches, this year’s must have metal.

Shades of silver, chrome and stainless have been the prominent metals for the last decade with bronze and copper following a safe distance behind but now these shades need to make room for the return of blazing gold. Hang on, don’t throw away all of your stainless or silver or even the bronzes and coppers, just make a little room for a new layer, yes great fashion is all about your ability to layer, and in this case we are adding a mixed metal layer of gold.

A few golden candles sticks, throw cushions, picture frames, a gilded box, mirror or even a chair leg detail are all welcome touches in a chic and on trend space. Last month Sam and I spent the day at the D&D building in Manhattan and brought back the most amazing golden samples in fabric, wallpaper and even carpet. The carpets were perhaps the most stand out for me as they were truly spectacular with golden threads woven amongst the wool, silk and synthetic fibers.

As with any trend you never want to abandon your existing décor, the idea is and always will be to create timeless spaces that will withstand all trends and the test of time. You achieve this with subtle additions and subtractions of accessories, furniture and colour. Rooms, just like our lifestyles, are constantly evolving. We always change up a few wardrobe items with each season and I’m always rotating home decor items in and out sometimes I may be upgrading a piece and sometimes it is simply just time for a change. Your rooms should always reflect where you have been and where you are going.

Allow me to let you in on the ‘golden rule’ of mixing metals. A designer trick to marrying metals successfully is to include at least three touches of any one colour or metal in a room to ensure that it looks planned and not like an accident that you have included that shade or metal. To secure the relationship between two different metals have at least one piece or one element that employees both metals. For example, you can have a custom stainless steel hood fan in the kitchen proudly hung above your stove but detail the fan hood with gold rivets or banding. In the living room keep it simple and set a picture frame that is both gold and silver on an end table or toss around a few cushions that are detailed with gold and silver embroidery. One item in the space that uses both metals gives you the permission required to have different metals stand independently in the same space. Be fabulous, be golden!


Necessity Not Accessory

Imagine a room without accessories. Personally, I can not fathom such a space for it’s the accessories that add the personality and soul to a room. Accessories are provisions for great spaces.

We really should start calling them the ‘necessities’ instead of the ‘accessories’, for without them there is simply no life, just structure. My design team and I love all aspects of design, the space planning, the interior architecture, window dressing and so forth but we get especially excited when we get to begin accessorizing a room. This is when the room comes to life, the soul emerges, the personality of its inhabitants finds their home.

The problem with accessories is that all too often we simply and without much thought fill a room with them, resulting in a room with too much stuff that means nothing to anyone and tells no story. I want your accessories to tell me about you, I want your accessories to tell me of your travels and where you dream to go, I want your accessories to make me laugh, yes accessories, as with art, can and should have a sense of humor. Bottom line is that I want the accessories that fill a space to be meaningful to both the architecture and to those that occupy the space.

For example, all too often we throw in a few toss cushions that add some colour which is terrific as long as we love that colour but did you think of the message that the texture of the cushions convey or that the pattern or motif helps to tell the room’s story. The same can be said of throws. From the area rug you use on the floor and please size it appropriately – lately I have been seeing far too many area rugs that are simply too small for the room- which then makes the room appear cramped and small. Go big or go home, which you already are but you know what I mean! Think, think and rethink every accessory in a room, from the photographs and their picture frames to the art on the wall to the lamps and their shades, to the coffee table books-every accessory needs to be thoughtful and ‘designed’ to tell your story. I was reading through my design blogs this morning and came across a fabulous vintage blue based lamp that the designer had put a new red lampshade on-it was fabulous. The thoughtful addition of the red shade made the base modern and unique and a true pop for a room.

Never just fill a space with things, take your time and be thoughtful and reflective of who you are and what your rooms say about you. People love to come to our house as not only is it constantly revolving as I move pieces in out and around but there are just simply so many stories to be told from the things we have brought home. Our souls are exposed at home, this is the goal, the ultimate desire of any space is to make you look and feel fabulous and of course at home. Look at accessorizing as space as a treasure hunt which will be on display in your rooms-now that’s fabulous

I was out in the herb garden yesterday gathering herbs to bring in a dry so that we have fresh organic herbs through the winter months which seem to be arriving far to quickly I might add!! But anyhow its great to know that drying herbs is as simple as turning on the micro wave. Simply wash the herbs and remove the undesirable stems. Dry on paper towels or in your salad spinner. Then line the bottom of the microwave with paper towels and lay the herbs onto the towels and turn on full power for approximately thirty seconds. Repeat at thirty second intervals until the herbs are dry and crunchy. This may take several minutes. When the herbs are dried, remove from the microwave and store in glass containers.