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Prepare for a New Year

Cheryll Gillespie, prepare for new yea r

Design 2015 to be your most fabulous year to date. The New Year is quickly approaching, how will you live it? Fabulously chic and with incredible style I hope is your answer.

Some people just seem to have incredible flair and always carry that sense of style with them, in all they do, a sense of elegance and grace, here’s how to ensure that you are one of these people.

Rule number one is to keep it simple. Sounds simple, and it is, whether we are talking about our closets, paring down and weeding out the clothes that don’t fit, are not our style or even created in our best colours, makes dressing for any occasion, from a trip to the grocery store to a formal affair, efficient and easy. Creating a system within that closet that is brilliantly organized for easy dressing, for clothes that need mending and for those that need to be taken to the cleaners and shoe repair. Space is always an issue, so create a system to pack away out of season clothes to free up space. Being able to visually see accessories and individual pieces is a must have for chic and stylish dressing.

In our kitchens, our cupboards and pantries need to be organized with like items together, clutter free from food products that we will never use and random serving pieces and dishes that are also seldom called into service. Less is more, have only what you love and what is functional in your home. Keep a recipe binder of all your go to recipes, ones that you know always turn out and that friends and family love- this is your go-to little black book of deliciousness. I keep past dinner party menus in mine, alongside notes and comments to improve each and every time I make this dish. Stock your freezer and pantry with ingredients that you need to serve up a spur of the moment appetizer when unexpected company’s drops in for a visit. Being prepared allows you to be calm and graceful even when many would be in an utter state of panic.

Fill your rooms with furniture that is comfortable yet still beautiful, art and mementos that conjure wonderful memories or a smile. Less is more, even in the most eclectic or traditional homes. Refine, reduce and curate the most stylish rooms. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself and bring in a pro even if it’s simply for a few hours of consultation.

Take the time that you have over the holidays to simplify life and to ensure that not only is the new year more stylish and elegant, it’s also more pleasurable. Create playlists for your home to fit all your moods and occasions- a playlist for being creative, a playlist for an evening with friends and a playlist for romance. A stylish space always smells as fabulous as it looks, indulge in your favorite essential oils and always burn candles , even if you are home alone.


Resolutions Designed for Fabulous Living

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Resolutions Designed for Fabulous Living

The tree has been beautifully decorated and all the halls have been decked with balls of holly, so lets start to think about our designer resolutions for the New Year.

Every year, we all make resolutions, typically to get to the gym more and to eat healthier and we should absolutely continue with these very important goals but let’s also make some resolutions that help us live fabulously. Here are just a few of our suggestions to add to your list and we do suggest you write out a list of resolutions and post it on your bulletin dream board.

• If getting to the gym more last year didn’t materialize then revamp this resolution and design a space so that you can get your workout in at home. Convert a spare bedroom or a corner of the family room into a yoga retreat, pop in a cd and let the energy flow. Yoga isnt for you? then take up belly dancing with a friend every monday night at your house via DVD or buy a spin bike and commit to bike the entire hour while The Young and The Restless is on.

• Cooking for friends and family is a real treat, start a dinner club or commit to learning a new recipe every week, think outside the recipe box and try new flavors.

• Look your best, once a week enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath tub and treat yourself to an at home facial. One of the best facials is to simply use papaya enzyme mixed with water (I got this secret when interviewing a top dermatologist on my national radio show and have used this myself at home once a week for years). Ensure you have a good supply of essential oils, sea salts, epsom salts and baking soda for the tub. If you have room in your bathroom, display a gorgeous bath bar and if you don’t then store your bath recipe in a box under the vanity for easy access. Oh ya, don’t forget the candles.

• Speaking of candles, make it a resolution to burn more this year, even when you are home alone. There is something special about the soothing light of candlelight.

• Bring home more fresh flowers or adopt a new plant. To keep the air in your home clean and healthy we recommend five medium sized plants per person.

• Iron your sheets. I know you hate ironing but sleeping on ironed sheets is one fabulous luxury that doesn’t even cost you a penny and you’ll get a better night’s rest (this is one of the reasons that we love spending the night in a great hotel bed). Once you’ve made the bed, spritz your linens with lavender oil. Sweet dreams!

• Get organized. It’s impossible to live fabulously amoungst clutter or in a disorganized space. Make it a resolution to reorganize and de clutter for a couple of hours every week.

• Enjoy more designer porn. Every week, implement one idea that you gather from your favorite shelter magazines. It could be as simple as copying the way items are arranged on a coffee table, or how flowers are displayed in a vase but try to liberate at least one idea a week that inspired you from a magazine.

• Create a musical play list for multiple occasions (easy listening, inspirational, spa, dinner party, cocktail party, christmas, romance, etc) and play it more often. A house needs music!

Happy New Year and may 2014 be your most fabulous!


Designer Resolution

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Designer Resolution

Can you believe that the New Year is almost upon us? Where did the last year go? I guess its true time does fly by when you’re having fun and a fun and creative year it certainly has been but a new year offers up infinite creative and better living possibilities.

I always have believed in writing out my intentions, every day, every month and every year. If you can envision i,t you will make it happen, having said that, it’s time to start visualizing the changes we desire to make in the New Year an even better year than this one. Our mantra is ‘fabulous living for all’. To live fabulously, you not only have to live in a space that lives and looks fabulous to you but you also need to feel fabulous as well, so my intentions are always full circle with respect to lifestyle, a little design, lots of creative releases and always improved health and vitality. Here are a list of possible ‘designer intentions’ that you may wish to add to your own list.

Resolve to writing down your intentions everyday, as you achieve them, cross them off and continually update your list. By writing them down and seeing them complete you will naturally bring them about.

Burn more candles, they smell great and add to the whole ambience of your space but they also help you relax. Don’t just save them for special occasions. Burn them for yourself, even on a Monday night while watching a football game or your favorite soap.

Buy more organic, switch one regular grocery item every month to an organic item-start with staples such as milk and move forward from there. We are what we eat and I never scrimp on groceries. If you think buying organic food is expensive, wait until the medical bills come in if you get sick.

Homes are about life and love, show yours more by bringing in fabulous potted plants and fresh flowers into your spaces. When we design a room, we consider the green element as we would a great piece of art. We choose the leaf colour, texture and shape to work with all other elements in the room and of course the pot is perfectly proportioned and styled for the space. Plants will also keep the air in your home clean and fresh and show your commitment to keeping something alive other than yourself if you are a seeking Bachelor or Bachelorette.

If you have a little more room for love in your life consider adopting a dog or a cat. These adorable creatures will complete your home, always delivering countless hours of entertainment and always offering you unconditional love. Nothing beats a puppy hug!

Colour makes a bold statement, this year resolve to bring colour into your room and your wardrobe. Even if black is your go-to colour choice, brighten it up with a turquoise scarf or add punches of raspberry to your gray room.

Get creative; all of us need to enjoy a creative release. Pick up a paint brush or enroll in a singing or cooking class with your best girlfriend, tackle a sewing project, take up knitting or plant some bulbs. Creativity is not about having natural artistic talents – it’s about being hands on and trying something new; heck even taking a second language is creative – go for it!

Make this year your most fabulous ever – happy New Year everyone!