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Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Stoned

Tastemakers and designers across the globe are getting stoned! Yes, stoned! We are stoning our walls and floors with fabulous marble, quartz, travertine, granite, jade and onyx tiles, panels, slabs and mosaics. We are soaking up the luxury with stone bath tubs, sinks and even toilets and we are collecting stone carved sculptures and art pieces both antique and contemporary. Stone is everywhere and already bringing it home!

Why are we loving every thing ‘stone’? First of all it’s natural, and we love natural surfaces- not only does the natural atheistic enhance our décor but these pieces are clean with virtually no VOC’s to pollute our homes air quality. Secondly, they are almost indestructible and easy to clean making stone surfaces very easy to live with, heat and clean!

What are some of my favorite ways to use stone ‘at home’? Let me start by saying that I am in love with my marble bathtub. The stone bath tub is amazingly comfortable and the stone absorbs the heat making the hot water stay hotter longer-perfect for those leisurely life saving, distressing soaks. This is a true noteworthy “feature” in my home. The stone sinks and tubs are easy to clean and I’ve order matching stone toped drains so the drains virtually disappear- I love to use designer drains such as the Swiss clock drain in my bar sink and now the marble drains in my ensuite. Very decadent! I haven’t yet tested a stone toilet but I’m working with one of our suppliers to order a white marble toilet and ill keep you posted on my thoughts here but I must say that I love the prototype photos and drawings that the factory has sent to us and we will be inspecting the product in person, next month.

Next, I love to use stone panel’s backlit with LED lighting. Currently I’m enamored with back lit jade (did you know that jade comes in white, blue, red, black and green?)And have used it for a bar front, door panels and even a foyer floor insert- simply yummy! Carved stone panels are also on my hit list. Perfect for bar fronts, wall niches or simply to break up a stone wall. Again, these panels look perfect when back lit with LED lighting and truly add something special and “custom” to your home.

High end designers are showcasing carved marble lips, spheres and books into their product lines and I love these pieces. I also am addicted to creating stone furniture, everything from table tops and bases, stone pillars to outdoor chaise lounges and odd shaped end tables. Tomorrow, our custom designed granite planters with the clients initials should show up at our show room- can’t wait to see these forty inch by forty inch planters. The possibilities for bring stone home is infinite.

Look for stylish spaces to rock out this year and bring stone home in unexpected ways. Now that’s fabulous!




I love a great bust!! One of my go to design staples is a fabulous bust; you know a sculpture or cast representation of the upper part of the human figure, you weren’t thinking I was speaking of the latest sculpted bust on The Real Housewives were you?

A classic bust will usually include the head and neck and sometimes a small portion of chest and torso all supported on a plinth or base. The sculpted pieces recreate the likeness of an individual, usually someone famous, someone mythological, or some former president, poet or philosopher. Some famous busts that are easily recognized include Queen Nefertiti, Apollo, Shakespeare, and Caesar. Busts are available in a wide range of material including marble, bronze, clay, wood and plaster.

Busted 2Busts and classical figures are truly timeless objects d’art, therefore they will work fabulous in just about every design genre – whether juxtaposed in a modern or eclectic environment or right at home in a traditional space. They can look quirky or serious. Nothing is more glamorous and dramatic then a bust or a sculptured head in an unexpected place in your home. They can be set on top of a piano, pillar stand, table top, counter top or even laid on the floor. They are versatile and elegant and can also have a sense of humor. How about a plaster bust of Apollo on the kitchen counter top wearing a chef’s hat? How about a clay bust that is slightly broken lying in your garden or even on the dining table amongst a collection of candlesticks? Never overlook a broken item and sometimes these pieces with their imperfections become the most creative and eye-catching pieces in a room. I personally have a broken bust laying on my dining table.

Consider these ideas. How about a bronze bust stood upright inside your fireplace (above the fireplace on the mantel works too but is definitely predictable) that keeps looking better and better after every flame licks its metal skin? What about a his and her bust on either end of your bed or a Venus de Milo bust wearing your favorite necklace on the dresser? How about a golden bust of Michael Jackson sitting on your bar top? Have some fun with these characters and manipulate them in a > way that adds a sense of chic whimsy to a room. Bathroom counter tops, in your library bookshelves, a foyer table, and even on the floor next to your favorite chair can be fabulous spots to play head games.

Shop for busts on line and at your favorite décor stores. Art stores often carry raw plaster busters which can be left au natural or  painted a solid colour, gilded or really funky’ed up with crazy painted details. Secondhand, vintage and estate sales are also great spots to discover busts. Trust, you need a bust at home!