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What to do with Your Extra Day

Extra Day

One thing that we always ask for is more time in the day and this year we get a gift of just that, granted it’s only one day but a day is a day! What do you plan to do with your extra leap day February 29th? If you haven’t already made plans, let me give you some ideas and inspiration for a few decorating projects you could tackle.

1. Stop in at your favorite table wear store and pick up some linen dinner napkins, and or hand towels for the powder room or even a set of beach towels for the lounge chairs that you will soon be occupying on the patio and then head over to the local monogramming shop and have them monogrammed with your initials, your last name, or even the name of your house-you know we love to personalize and this is just the perfect way to start.

2. We love messing around with paint so get creative with an ordinary glass vase or canister and paint the inside to really up the design value. Take a basic glass container and using ordinary house paint in your selected shade pour an ample amount inside the glass swirl and roll it around until all is covered and then drain the excess paint back into the paint can and turn the vase upside down and allow to dry on newspaper (not on top of your favorite design column). When it’s dry display with pride, we’ve also played around with multiple colours including metallics and this looks fabulous, just remember that you will need to leave some glass uncovered in order for the
next colour to show through.

Extra Day3. Hand written notes are a dying treasure. Always keep a supply of ‘thank you’ cards and gorgeous note cards or paper on hand for when the need or the time allows you can put pen to paper and send a simple note to a friend that will make there day.

4. Spend half of your extra day visiting vintage, antique and or thrift stores. Look for vintage silver frames, bowls or water jugs and then head home to find the perfect side board or end table to display your new old treasure.

5. Bake cookies, nothing makes me feel better than I do with a fresh batch in the oven. Take your basic chocolate chip recipe and substitute the chips for broken Skor bar bits or use Bernard Callebaut chocolate bits, dried cherries and ground (Kathy Ireland taught me this tip a long time ago during a conversation we were having over family and baking- I never like to bite down on a hard chunk of a nut so now I always grind mine) walnuts. This is one of my family’s favorite combinations.

6. Bring on spring; plant some fabulous flowering bulbs such as paper whites or tulips into a beautiful bowl or glass vase and in a few weeks you’ll have fresh flowers to enjoy.

7. Make a lamp shade, last week my daughter Sam had us making a lamp shade using coffee filters. We folded the filters in half and then half again and again and then the filter flowers where hot-glued onto the shade-wow, unbelievable and you’d never guess that once was a simple linen shade was now this amazing piece of art. For simpler shades, you can glue bullion fringe and drapery trimmings onto the edge of the shade, add a tassel or a few silk flowers to the outside of the shade, cover the entire shade in wine corks, metal beer bottle tops or using paint pens write or graffiti the shade.

8. Make a pillow, hand stitch silk flowers, a vintage brooch, stuffed child’s toy, drapery or upholstery trim onto an otherwise ordinary throw cushion. Hand paint a picture or write a poem onto the front-be creative but create something creative for the special chair.

9. Of course you could simply pick up all your favorite designer magazines and spend the day with a pot of green tea and the magazines getting inspired.

10. Whatever you do, make sure you spend this extra day giving your home a little extra love. You deserve it!


Christmas List

Christmas List Image

Have you finished your holiday shopping? I didn’t think so, so I’m hoping that this list may be timely inspiration for those with creative flair and a passion for home on your list.

Finding the perfect gift for all the fabulous people on your list can be challenging and who wants an uninspired necktie or a sweater under their tree? One thing that I always welcome as a gift is a fabulous coffee table book-honestly Sam and I can’t get enough books and sometimes these are hard items to justify purchasing for yourself as a limited edition or coveted hardcover can certainly be expensive. Vintage and antique books are also welcome additions to our library shelves. Has designer tools a great book looks fabulous on the end table next to a favorite living room or bedside chair. A coffee table book looks great on the coffee table of course. Our favorite topics include books on design, architecture, travel, cooking and of course fashion.  Books we love this year include the new Mary McDonald Interiors not only for its content but for the fabulous gold lettering on the spine, (yes, my books coordinate and work with the room) The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture.

Fabulous faux fur shawls and throws are rich warm and cuddly additions to the end of the bed, arm of a sofa or favorite chair. A delicious addition to a fabulous space: look for black mink for an art deco or traditionally styled room, fox for a country manor or white mink for a friend with a glamorous bedroom.

Email and texting are just too easy and we just don’t take the time to send hand written notes these days, which I think is a real shame. Personalized stationary is great gift that look luxurious on everyone’s desk. Grab your shopping list and head to your favorite craft or office supply store (most stores that order wedding stationary will also do personalized stationary) or just open up the laptop and look for a supplier on line and trust me there are plenty and start ordering. Inexpensive and thoughtful, I love this idea.

Here’s a rock solid idea. How about a beautiful chunk of crystal or amethyst or even graphite. Flipping through your favorite shelter magazine you undoubtedly notice amazing chunks of rock sitting beautiful on horizontal surfaces in the most spectacular rooms. We love finding fabulous pieces of rock to bring home a welcome treasure that will always be in style and will never go stale.

Linen dinner napkins are a great gift especially when you take the time to have them monogrammed with the families initials. We monogram all the time, table linens, bathrobes and even pillow cases. It take the ordinary and creates the fabulous-god is in the details and it’s these little touches that take the gift from good to wow.

Nothing feels more fabulous to give a gift that you are really proud of and that you know will be loved and adored for years to come-that’s fabulous living!

Scent is the number one route to our brains memory center- conjure fabulous visions of Christmases gone past by filling your home with the scent of the season. Candles and essential oils such as pine, cinnamon and citrus are right in seasons and don’t forget to blend a couple of scents together. Rooms should always appeal to all five of our senses.