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Fathers Day Ideas

Why is it that Dad’s are notoriously difficult to buy for? I’m not sure either but they certainly are so this year Samantha and I put our heads together to come up with some great ‘designer’ ideas for dad.

Everyone knows that dads love to grill so how about a fabulous pizza oven? BBQ pizzas are delicious and something new for dad to show off his culinary skills with. I’ve noticed some outstanding ovens available at chain stores this year and one is at the top of my wish list. They are not inexpensive so you may want to team up with mom and your siblings on this one. Remember when you give a gift such as a grill include a basket of ingredients with the oven so dad can get cooking without delay- arrive hungry!

Dad’s love tools and a new cordless drill will never go unused. The new drills are light weight and packed with power. So check dad’s tool room and see what he’s using right now and then go shopping. If he has a big cumbersome drill already get him a tiny light weight one for those quick jobs around the house -he’ll love it.

You know that I am a big book lover and am constantly collecting gorgeous books but dads also love books. He’ll love to sit and flip the papers of a coffee table book on vintage cars, hot rods, motorcycles or even the history of golf or fly fishing. As a bonus it will look great on the coffee table and mom won’t hide it away. Or, how about creating The Book of Dad? It’s fairly straight forward to create fabulous bound book on line today or from your local photo store. Collects pictures of dad from his youth, the teen years, the early mom and dad years and of course include lots of pictures of you and dad. He’ll cherish the book and you’ve just created a true family heirloom. Plan ahead for this one as it can take up to three weeks to arrive.

An iPad may not be on the top of dad’s wish list but once he has one he’ll wonder how he lived without one for so long. I gave my dad one last Christmas and was hesitant to do so but he loves it, now he’s taking iPad classes and can’t function without it- who knew? Well I guess I did even though I did hesitate and second guess my shopping list.

How about a new hammock to go with that iPad- can’t you just imagine dad lounging in the hammock goggling car restorations this summer. There are a lot of fabulous traditional and some exciting new modern designed hammocks available at all our favorite big box stores this year for super reasonable prices.

Of Course you could also giving dad a certificate for a design consultation to design ‘his ultimate dream space’!

There’s no one like dad so show him how much you care this year with a super special gift. Something fabulous that he’ll get countless hours of use and enjoyment from- now that’s fabulous living!

One of our favorite weekend activities is to scour the neighborhood garage and estate sales in search of fabulous design items; you just never know what you will find. Always think outside the box and keep your creative hat on tight…..remember you can upcycle and remake just about anything using a little creativity, imagination, nails, glue and spray paint.


Technology & Design

I find it mind boggling when I think about how technology has become such an indispensable tool for design. Today, we don’t even have to get up out of the hammock to design a great space. I can create a floor plan on line, I can see how materials and colours will interact with each other without having to lift a paint brush and I can shop the world for draperies, furniture and accessories from my iPad.

With technology so accessible and easy to use there is no excuse for not living in fabulous spaces that you love to spend time in. Sam and I are always ordering gorgeous coffee table books for our libraries and client’s coffee tables from Amazon.com and we are always on line searching for unique and fabulous pieces from eBay and global design sites. Yesterday, I found a late eighteen hundred’s blue velvet cross- a fabulous edition to our cross collection and I ordered a beautiful Bali bed for a client’s patio. Last week we had some amazing reclaimed hardwood shipped from overseas for a project and this week I have a container full of custom cut stone and mosaic tile arriving- all because I shopped online.

One of the greatest gifts in life is travel and you know that I have an incredible passion for traveling the world in search of inspiration and materials for my projects but when you don’t have the luxury of going to these exotic destinations yourself, you can virtually travel and shop from home. The other great gift of technology is the ability to engage with the best in the industry from any where. Our clients text and email us from across the globe with questions and concerns. They simply send us pictures of there rooms and we can send back a plan. There’s truly is no excuse for not having the rooms you dream of when technology makes design so easy for us.

Get on the program, sign up to receive newsletters from your favourite designer’s and supplier’s websites, spend the evening stumbling upon design blogs that will keep you inspired and enlist the aid of apps that will make implementing ideas and shopping for the right products easy. There are apps for Feng Shui that ensure your chi flows perfectly and others that will help you select the perfect paint colour and others will help you buy the perfect kitchen sink – literally. If you are not using your computer and your smart phone as a design tool and best friend, you really need to start. I even have an app on my phone that will hang my pictures level for me!

In the guest room, hang on the wall or resting against the wall on top of the dresser place a beautifully framed cork board. On the cork board attach a list of important phone numbers for the area, labels from great local wines, brochures from local attractions, a local event calendar and business cards from your favorite haunts. Any thing that you think your guests may find interesting to do or may need during there stay at your home. It’s always nice to include a photo of you with your guest to make them feel welcome and special.