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Living Luxuriously

Cheryll Gillespie, Living Luxuriously

We all deserve to feel as if we are living luxuriously, no matter what budget we are currently operating on. This Fall, the most glamourous homes are adding touches of metallic gold and organic textures to their rooms. Whether you are spending big dollars or none at all, incorporating the right touches into your home will make it feel more expensive and glamourous and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Gold, yes gold and no you don’t have to discard all of your stainless, bronze and silver metals in order to bring the ultimate golden touch to your room. High end designers from New York to LA to Toronto and Vancouver are all including a few pieces of golden accessories in their spaces. They sit side by side with other metals and elevate the room with chic style. Mixing metals is on trend and what every best-dressed room will be accessorizing with this year. You don’t need to spend your retirement fund to get the Midas touch, be on the lookout for a piece or two at your favorite designer haunts, perhaps a golden vase or Buddha statue. You may find a gold or brass coloured piece while you are out garage saling this summer or buy a can of metallic gold spray paint from your local do-it center and up-style an existing lamp base in the living room. Designer tip: don’t just have one golden piece in a room, have three to ensure that it looks like you meant for the colour to find its way into the space, a single piece often looks like it was left there accidentally.

The second must-have piece for a luxurious space this Fall is going to be an organic element. Perhaps a live edge table or a slab of wood displayed like art. Live edge tables are absolutely stunning as an end or coffee table in the living room, a foyer table or even a dining table. A wonderful piece of wood displayed vertically looks brilliant just about anywhere. At the most recent furniture shows, I was excited by some live edge tables which used ornate more traditionally styled table legs, the juxtaposition between the modern and traditional was spectacular. The tables are art themselves and therefore don’t require a lot of dressing or tabletop accessories. Perhaps a simple candle on a golden base. You’ll also notice a lot of gold colored glass arriving in your favorite design haunts this fall so be sure to bring home a piece or two.

Designer tip: how about spray painting a beautiful organic, gnarly branch or a piece of drift wood with the metallic gold paint? Set the wood on display on a mantel, dining table or even the kitchen counter.

Live fabulously, decorate luxuriously!


Summer Treasure Hunts

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group - Summer Treasure Hunt

Summer vacations are an opportunity to treasure hunt for your home. I love to travel, whether by plane, train, motorcycle or automobile and part of the enjoyment is never knowing what treasures you may find along the way.

Rooms need to tell stories, to make us laugh, to ensure we ponder and they need to have personality. While we often shop the big chain stores for furniture and accessory pieces, we also need the ‘one of’s’ to make a room our own. You definitely do not want a room that looks like it stepped straight off the catalogue pages, you never want your room to be a recognizable look. What we do want is a room that is uniquely yours.

Close to home and away from home, this is estate, flea market, and garage sale season. If it looks interesting go- you never know what you may find. A few years back at a garage sale, I found a brass fish. The fish is approximately 22 inches long and well I didn’t like it in its current brassy condition but I now love it spray painted white sitting on my patio cocktail table. Everyone always asks as they sip on a glass of chardonnay while enjoying to sun where I got it and can they order one. Unfortunately or lucky for me I think it’s a ‘one of’. At yet another, I have bought a 8 foot cactus, a 12 foot dracaena tree, a granite wine bottle holder, to many candle sticks to count ( and for a few dollars a piece there is no hesitation to paint them a wacky hue and get creative), numerous antique pieces, a couple of great paintings (no velvet Elvis’s), picture frames, and so many more treasures. On a road trip not too far from home, we stopped at a little junk store and ended up buying a 150 lb chunk of amethyst crystal – so fabulous!

These treasures are not only brilliant and fabulous pieces for the home but they help preserve memories of great day and wonderful times, they bring uniqueness and individuality to your rooms. So stop the car, break up the road trip with a few treasure seeking pit stops, keep your eyes peeled for interesting little shops and the ‘estate sale signs. Get the girls together for a Friday evening garage sale gathering. Wear comfortable shoes, bring the truck and cash. But, most importantly, put on your designer cap- you need to be able to see past the items current condition, past the grime and the dirt, beyond the tattered frame, blah wood finish, weathered exterior, you need to recognize the potential, the diamond in the rough.

How to create a fabulous home – look for one of kind items that you’ll only find in your space. Show off your creativity, even the most expensive, incredible luxurious estates desire the one of’s so whether you seek them out yourselves or hire a designer to do it for you this is how we create those very special spaces that we love to call home.