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The tree has been beautifully decorated and all the halls have been decked with balls of holly, so lets start to think about our designer resolutions for the New Year.

Every year, we all make resolutions, typically to get to the gym more and to eat healthier and we should absolutely continue with these very important goals but let’s also make some resolutions that help us live fabulously. Here are just a few of our suggestions to add to your list and we do suggest you write out a list of resolutions and post it on your bulletin dream board.

• If getting to the gym more last year didn’t materialize then revamp this resolution and design a space so that you can get your workout in at home. Convert a spare bedroom or a corner of the family room into a yoga retreat, pop in a cd and let the energy flow. Yoga isnt for you? then take up belly dancing with a friend every monday night at your house via DVD or buy a spin bike and commit to bike the entire hour while The Young and The Restless is on.

• Cooking for friends and family is a real treat, start a dinner club or commit to learning a new recipe every week, think outside the recipe box and try new flavors.

• Look your best, once a week enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath tub and treat yourself to an at home facial. One of the best facials is to simply use papaya enzyme mixed with water (I got this secret when interviewing a top dermatologist on my national radio show and have used this myself at home once a week for years). Ensure you have a good supply of essential oils, sea salts, epsom salts and baking soda for the tub. If you have room in your bathroom, display a gorgeous bath bar and if you don’t then store your bath recipe in a box under the vanity for easy access. Oh ya, don’t forget the candles.

• Speaking of candles, make it a resolution to burn more this year, even when you are home alone. There is something special about the soothing light of candlelight.

• Bring home more fresh flowers or adopt a new plant. To keep the air in your home clean and healthy we recommend five medium sized plants per person.

• Iron your sheets. I know you hate ironing but sleeping on ironed sheets is one fabulous luxury that doesn’t even cost you a penny and you’ll get a better night’s rest (this is one of the reasons that we love spending the night in a great hotel bed). Once you’ve made the bed, spritz your linens with lavender oil. Sweet dreams!

• Get organized. It’s impossible to live fabulously amoungst clutter or in a disorganized space. Make it a resolution to reorganize and de clutter for a couple of hours every week.

• Enjoy more designer porn. Every week, implement one idea that you gather from your favorite shelter magazines. It could be as simple as copying the way items are arranged on a coffee table, or how flowers are displayed in a vase but try to liberate at least one idea a week that inspired you from a magazine.

• Create a musical play list for multiple occasions (easy listening, inspirational, spa, dinner party, cocktail party, christmas, romance, etc) and play it more often. A house needs music!

Happy New Year and may 2014 be your most fabulous!


Designer Resolutions

Designer Resolutions

The house has been decked out in seasonal splendor, you’ve wrapped all your gifts and they wait patiently in all their glory under the tree, the turkey sits quietly in the freezer waiting for his big day and Christmas notes ooze from your iPod throughout the house so now what do we do??? Now we think about our New Years resolutions, specifically our designer resolutions.

Let’s start with pantones colour of the year for 2012 Tangerine. I love this shade of orange and had actually painted my gym this colour as it is filled with energy and happy thoughts. It’s a feel good colour and whose home can’t use a little hue of happiness. Let’s commit to bringing in a little tangerine or a lot this year. If this is not a favorite shade of yours then add a little in easily changeable items such as throw cushions or even tangerine coloured pillar candles mixed up with your palette. If you love the hue then get out the paint roller or the wallpaper tray and paint or paper a room.

Let’s commit to us, we deserve to be spoiled this year so focus on your personal spaces which always seem to be last on everyone’s list-the master bedroom, the ensuite or your home office. Let’s decorate with a passion here and treat ourselves to delicious décor. A great hue, one that is a personal favorite as these are truly our spaces, sensual textures that we just cant resist curling up with and pieces we love to look at. How about putting in a sound system so that you can enjoy music throughout the house, that’s a treat you can share with everyone-music creates ambience and can change your mood almost instantly, it truly has magical powers and today with an iPod and some wireless speakers its easy to setup and affordable.

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen; we love to hang out there drinking wine and cooking with friends or just enjoying each other over a simple meal. This year I’m committing to finishing my family cook book. Favorite recipes that I keep handed down from my mom, my aunt and even my grandma and others that I have stumbled across from chefs around the globe and have made my own. I’m working on a CG cook book and hopefully next year I’il have copies printed to share with my daughter, mom, sisters and my closest friends. When you are at a restaurant or at a friends house and your taste buds explode with please ask the cook for the recipe- include it in your book giving full credit to the cook. When you give them a copy of your book next year they love to see their name in print and feel honored that they were included.

I say this every year but still the clutter remains so this year let’s commit to clearing away clutter. We all have so much stuff that we do not use and don’t need. Let’s donate it, share it with others or trash it. This is our year to get organized. Commit to tackling one closet or one bureau or room a month.

Start a collection, collectors are always very interesting people and your rooms will love it. Collect antique books, unique candle stick holders that group on a table top, cook books, wine corks or vintage tea cups. Have fun, use the collection creatively and give your friends something to chat about when they visit.