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Get Your Glamour On

Get Your Glamour On

I know I know, it’s too early for Christmas – how can it possibly be the middle of November already? Where did a year go? Oh well I suppose there is no point wasting time and energy worry about what we can not change, a year that has flown by is truly in the past lets move forward with ‘spirit’, holiday spirit that is. Its time to get our holiday glamour and festive spirit on! A fabulous little black dress is just that, a little black dress until you add the bling and that what we need to add to our homes in order to bring on the festive season, a little or a lot of bling.

Who doesn’t love a new party dress? Who doesn’t love a few new decorations for the house? There are a lot of fabulous Christmas decorations in our favorite stores right now so there’s no excuse for not creating the tree and the Christmas décor that we dream of. But before you run off with your visa lets put together a shopping list that’s designed to bring glamorous Christmas décor to our homes.

Start with a palette, I think its best to embrace your currant colour palette and simply bling it up a notch, this way the festive touches will feel as if they belong at home. For example if you currently live with a palette of taupe, cream, merlot and accents of silver then we’ll stick with this when we are shopping for holiday glamour. The tree could be an all cream masterpiece or you could do a cream and brown au natural (have you seen the feathered balls?) with a matt silver. Need a new tree? You’re definitely in luck this year if you are shopping for a faux tree as there is a plethora of great options available. For a chic modern feel consider an upside down tree, this is also a great option for on top of a dining table. If you have a lot of space, consider a row of three or five matching trees lined up along a window wall or for a large room group three similar trees of varying heights. The tree itself could be a faux white or you could opt for a real tree and using spray paint (before you drag the tree into the house) spray the tips of the branches with a cream or silver spray paint. Too easy, too sexy! Carry these ideas to the fireplace mantel, the foyer with a coordinating wreath and pots of boughs and balls that flank the door.

Keep the glamour going with loads and extra large grouped arrangements of candles. Place the grouping on trays or wall mirrors laid flat, maintain your colour theme but glam it up with a bed of boughs under the candles , Christmas brooches pinned to the front of the pillar candles and decorations scattered amongst the arrangement. Add lots of peppermint or orange and/or cinnamon essential oil to the top of the candles to help scent the room. Now that puts us in a festive mood!

It is truly, all in the details! From the canapés to the centerpiece to the Christmas cookie scented soap in the powder room – no detail can be sparred for an unforgettable holiday season. May your season be festive and fabulous!

Make your own Chocolate bark to serve to friends when they drop over for a holiday visit. Melt bars of your favorite chocolate, remove from heat and stir in pieces of dried apricots, cherries and roasted almond or pecans and a tiny pinch of moldan salt, pour onto wax paper and put in the fridge to cool. When completely cooled and hardened break into pieces and store in an airtight container-yummy!


Silver Hunt

Big chunky, silver jewelry is the perfect summer sparkle to pair with that sexy maxi dress, a great tan and some fabulous hot pink lipstick, it’s also a great metal to collect and display at home for summer. Imagine a collection of silver vases grouped on the fireplace mantel or a fabulous mismatched grouping of silver candle sticks on top of the dresser. We are always on the hunt for fabulous silver pieces to use at home and at our client’s homes- we shop eBay, flea markets, garage sales, auctions, vintage shops and our client’s basements for unwanted, overlooked silver treasures.

So go shopping, drop by a antique shop, pull into an estate sale or spend Saturday at a flea market and keep a design-savvy eye peeled for silver. We love mis-matched sets so just start collecting; it’s the colour of the metal itself that will unify the grouping. For us, a proper group is three or more, preferably seven, nine or even fifteen pieces all displayed together. Once you have a group started you can really start to get creative. For example, with your candle stick collection you can use all different colour of candles to modernize and up the design sizzle or how about dipping the bottom thirds and two thirds in high gloss white paint or even a shade of hot pink-to match your lipstick. Now this is starting to get creative!!! Be sure to consider grouping candle bases, bowls, picture frames, urns and vases all in the same group- truly mix it up.

Now start to imagine all the places you could put this collection to work, location can be as creative as how you choose to display your silver collection: let’s consider outside on the patio table, on top of an armour, in the powder room on top of the vanity or behind the toilet, amongst the books in your library, in the foyer or on an open shelf in the kitchen. The great thing about silver is that it will actually help reflect light, similar to the way a mirror would, which of course, adds the ‘bling’ any glamour-seeking room needs. Designers employ metals to add texture and shine.

Here are a couple of ideas that you can incorporate into your ‘silver display’. On the patio deck or on top of the patio table set a large silver punch bowl or wide mouth urn and then coil a thick dock rope inside, fill the bowl with beach sand and then set in a few seashells or fill the silver urn , bowl or tray with succulent plants or Irish moss. Silver bowls could also be filled with glass balls, beach pebbles or concrete or even rope balls. We often plant small cedar topiaries in urns as well for amazing center pieces. An old silver ice bucket especially the insulated kind with a lid is a great storage container that can be left out side filled with your lip balm and sun products.

Vintage brooches and scarf pins can be pinned into the center of pillar candles for a fabulous one of a kind look. For extra ease, warm up the tip of the pin before pushing it into the candle.