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Cheryll Gillespie, Chandeliers

I love chandeliers and just can’t hang enough of them, in fact, I’m out of ceilings at home. I have three over my cook top, one over my desk in the library, another over my bathtub, one in my shoe closet, another in the dressing room, five in the closet, and of course, I have them in all the usual spots: the dining tables and even the kitchen table. Chandeliers are creative, blingy, and a girl certainly can’t resist the sparkle. They add light and fabulous dancing shadows on the ceiling, the right chandelier can completely change the ambience in a room.

Where does one find great chandeliers? We have found fabulous fixtures in flea markets, estate sales, architectural clearing houses, antique fairs and markets, online, and of course, in lighting stores. We are not afraid to change them up either. Often we will strip the light bare of all its crystals and re paint the stem. Perhaps a white, a matte silver, shiny copper or even hot and trendy shade of fuchsia. We have covered the metal bases in coarse salt, rhinestones, twine, sea shells, rope, pearls, ceramic shoes, vintage spoons, gravel and even jelly beans. Then the crystals may be added back on, sometimes we change them up and add natural faceted crystals, lengths of chain, turquoise or amethyst shards. We have also started from scratch- a piece of drift wood or an interesting branch can be the skeletal system of a beautiful chandelier.

Cheryll Gillespie, ChandeliersWhen we are ready to hang the chandeliers we often add a ceiling medallion or even a framed piece of art to the ceiling first and then hang the fixture beneath it. Truly unique, creative and original. Ceiling medallions or a fixture base, helps to create a sense of volume and the fixture will have more presence and perhaps with the medallion, be better proportioned for the space.

Now you’re thinking. Where can I hang a wow fixture, can I reinvent my own fixture or should I go on a hunt for a cool skeleton of a fixture, that I can turn into a specular piece of light art? Yes, yes, and yes! Most homes have room for multiple chandeliers. From the obvious to unexpected placement, hanging a chandelier can completely change the look and feel of a room. You will just need to consider the ceiling height, as obviously if you have low ceilings (eight foot one) then you will have to create a chandelier with a low drop max, sixteen inches unless it is over a table or bathtub. If you have wonderful high ceilings then chandeliers can hang just about everywhere you have a more traditional flush or semi flush light fixture.

This weekend, consider one of these bright ideas and get creative, fabulous light fixtures are an essential element to fabulous living!


Get It On Here

Get It On Here imageOur office was busy this week preparing a Rock House Property Styling Report so that a seller could get their home ready to be placed on the market. The seller needed to know exactly what to do with her rooms in order for a quick sale at a price she would be happy with so we prepared a home staging step-by-step how to guide that takes her from room to room- rearrange this, clear the clutter from here, paint this, clean everything and so on but I was stopped dead in my tracks when I got to the master bedroom.

For all of us the master bedroom is an extremely important space yet it the most often neglected, under decorated, under-organized and under-sex appealed room in our house-this is wrong! We spend close to eight hours a day in this space, it’s where we end our busy days and where we start them, it’s where we make love yet most of these master suites do anything but scream ‘let’s get lucky here’. Your master bedroom should turn you on. For folks selling your home it’s imperative that you make the bedroom as sexy as possible, it needs to say come lay with me here, it needs to be designed to seduce. For those of you who aren’t looking to sell your homes it’s just as important that your bedroom seduces you and your better half every night.

Start with your colour palette; choose a palette that you adore. An all white or cream on cream palette, or perhaps a combination of youthful turquoise and vanilla ice or consider a rich peacock and plum or a room full of lush tangerines. Sexy hues that make you feel amorous and fabulous. Next keeping on hue load up on sensual textures: an area carpet that makes love to your bare toes, the highest thread count sheets you can afford, faux fur blankets, a velvet chair and drapery that floats like lingerie.

Put fabulous photos of you in great frames on horizontal surfaces, hang art that represents love. Keep fresh flowers in the room, even if it’s a single rose in a rose bowl next to your nightstand. Keep essential oils in your night stand and add a drop to your light bulb or the base of a candle wick. Scents such as cinnamon and sandalwood seduce while lavender can help you get a better nights sleep. Bedside lamps should be on a three way switch so that you can dim the lights for more ambience and a sexy feel. A simple ipod can help with filling the room with music designed for love.

You get the idea but ensure that you get and understand the importance of designing this space. It is all too often the one room we neglect and where no one but ourselves go. No prying eyes, no judgment on its décor from visiting friends and relatives yet if this space is designed I know that you will sleep better at night and wake up with a bigger grin each morning. Take the time and find the resources to design the one space that is intimately yours-now live fabulously

With family and friends coming to stay with you over the holiday leave a spare iPad or old lap top in the guest room. We even put signature wallpaper on the screen and have attached to the cover the wireless code for easy access anytime of the day or night for guests wanting to check in with their office, catch up on the news, stocks or friends and family back home. A thoughtful touch from a gracious host.