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Who amongst us couldn’t use a little more energy? Did you know that you can decorate in a manner that specifically helps to give you more energy? It has been scientifically proven that the way we design and decorate our homes can improve our health, bring harmony and peace to our lives and aid us in keeping fit, happy and lively. Yes, it’s true; good design does more than just look pretty- it literally makes life better.

Let’s start with how colour effects us. Colour has a physical and emotional impact on each and every one of us. Emotionally, colour triggers memory and we naturally like or dislike certain shades and hues depending on our previous experiences with that particular colour. This emotional relationship to colour is very personal. Physically, we react the same to certain hues. There are two families of colour; hot and cold. Cold colours such as blues, greens and purples calm and create restful spaces while hot colours, yellows, oranges and reds, stimulate and energize. When planning a colour palette for a space, it’s imperative that we not only consider our personal relationship with the particular colour we are considering but also the purpose or function of the space and its corresponding palette.

For the last twenty five years, I have been a student of Feng Shui and have countless times employed its common sense principles into my designs. I have been witness to the ‘change’ of energy in a room. Feng Shui is all about keeping the good energy flowing and the negative energy at bay. Bringing in a Feng Shui practitioner to give you a plan based on its principles will drastically affect the energy on your home.

I can’t imagine designing a room without the use of crystals. I love them for their natural beauty but equally as much for their healing properties. In bedrooms, I love to place amethyst for its ability to bring love and peace. In the kitchen, I use quartz crystal for its amplifying ability. In the office or den, I place citrine for its ability to attract wealth.

Scents are another key ingredient for increasing the right energy in your spaces. Lavender in bedrooms is used to help you enjoy a good night’s rest. Lemongrass in the bathroom creates a spa-like experience, citrus scents in the kitchen will increase energy levels and appetites. In the den, we like to stimulate creativity so we use earthy, woody scents to ground us. Living plants are also an essential element in good energy at home. Plants clean the air and some will offer fragrance as well. You should have three to five plants per person in the household.

Ensuring that your home is equipped to play music is also important. Wireless speakers and smart audio systems make it easy and affordable to outfit your home with a fabulous sound system. Work on creating custom playlists with music you love that will provide, at the touch of a button, the right music for the activity at hand. One for those romantic evenings, one to help you concentrate and focus, one to energize and motivate as you work out, one to party with and one to sing along with when no else is around.

Live fabulously and stay energized at home.

Creatively Yours,

About Cheryll

Cheryll’s keen eye for detail and sense of style has led to a growing and successful career in interior design and the media. Cheryll ran an interior design firm in Western Canada for 15 years, specializing in both commercial and residential design work. As an established and celebrated designer, she began to share her expertise with a national audience – through public speaking, television, radio and print. Today, in addition to hosting two popular national radio shows, Cheryll writes for over 290 newspaper publications a column on construction, design and décor, making her one of the most successful syndicated columnists in Canada.