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It’s true, during this season, we seem to entertain more frequently and we start to make good use of our formal dining rooms, so let’s spend some time this weekend refining our dining spaces.

Start with your chairs, after all there are six, eight or even ten of them. Chairs can be expensive so if you’re not happy with your current chair style, think about reupholstering or restyling your chairs as oppose to buying new. We often revamp boring chairs with fabric and wood paint; for example if you’re not in love with the natural wood, simply white-wash all the wood tones away for a shabby chic look or paint them a neon orange for a big change. If the fabric backs and seats are ripped or torn on your chairs, then you will need to reupholster but this job can often be pretty simple to do yourself. If the fabric is in good condition but just not the right colour or too outdated of a style, whip out the fabric paints and let your creative juices flow. We have written phrases on the backs of chairs or painted geometric patterns or even graphic pictures. No holds bar – paint away, be creative and have fun with your chairs. On the backs, you can also add crystals, trims or tassels.

Similar to our ideas with the chairs, you can also paint your tables. Looking for inspiration? I love the way Mackenzie-Childs paints their furniture collection. Bold colours and patterns look fabulous or keep it simple and go with a solid colour. Dining should be fun and bold colours and patterns help to ramp up the energy levels, stimulate conversations and increase appetites. You want your guests to stay, linger over dinner and dessert and have flowing, memory-making discussions. This doesn’t happen in a boring dining space, it happens in spaces that are designed to entertain and stimulate. Take your cues and inspiration from some of the amazing restaurant and hospitality spaces you have seen online or visited around the world.

Underneath the table, add an area carpet to keep feet happy and to add a little more visual interest to the room. On the walls, paint, wall paper and showcase wonderful art and textures which will add visual interest and excitement to the room. I love it when a plan starts to come together and all the design layers build upon each other to ultimately create a marvellous space.

Design is in the details so don’t forget about your table top decor. Add an arrangement of candle sticks and candles, fresh flowers and ornaments. No dining room is complete without an amazing chandelier and I usually add a ceiling medallion here as well, choose a medallion that reflects the shape of the table top and is proportionate to the light fixture.

Fabulous living is all about creating amazing rooms that reflect your sense of hospitality and zest for life. It’s also about great friends, family, food and wine, all shared in your home’s beautiful dining spaces!

Creatively Yours,

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