Things We Do to Sabotage Our Rooms

Cheryll Gillespie, things we do to sabotage our rooms

Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to designing your home? Many of us are, but once we recognize the signs, we can take the necessary steps to quit the behaviours that are preventing our rooms from achieving their full potential.

Don’t let yourself be a victim another day, recognize the symptoms and work on becoming ‘design healthy’.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS of YAYOWDE (you are your own worst design enemy)

You need to ask everyone else for permission (their opinion) on a choice you are considering for a room. Perhaps it’s a paint colour, or a chair, an area rug or a new sofa or even piece of art, you solicit opinions from all your friends and family. Unless they are an expert in the field of design, art critic or renowned colour expert, why are you asking them? If you like the piece and your instincts say it’s perfect (i.e.: you love it) then just do it! Too many opinions and too much advice from others usually leads to you doing nothing. Too much advice from people who work in the store where you are making the purchase is like taking advice from a blind person- they have never seen your home so how would they know what would look great with what else you have in there and how the sun enters the space and plays on the colour or even the scale of the room. Be careful here and ensure everyone you actually take advice from is a pro at what they do and has a full understanding of your needs, personality and the space you are decorating.

This leads us to sabotage number two- I can do it myself syndrome. There is no shame in hiring a pro to help you and to offer educated, unemotional and unbiast advice. There’s a reason a pro is called a pro. Home decorating shows and the internet have given us all a false sense of ‘I’m a design/construction expert so why do I need to hire anyone attitude’. There is always a time and a place for professional services.

Sabotage number three is directly related to the TV and the internet, too many choices and an endless amount of inspiration and ideas. Once you make a design decision, stick to it and don’t second guess yourself. Too many choices ultimately lead to indecision.

Sabotage number four is taking a look from a catalogue. Our rooms need to truly be ‘our rooms’; a reflection of our personalities, our treasures, our favorite colours and things and definitely not a carbon copy of a page from a décor catalogue or magazine. There’s nothing wrong with shopping from a catalogue, one or two pieces from some of your favorite stores are wonderful but don’t buy the entire whole room from one page. Where would the individuality, the personalization or the creativity be in that?

Live fabulously and don’t sabotage your great rooms!

Creatively Yours

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