Cheryll Gillespie, pumpkins

With October officially here, it’s time to bring home the pumpkins. Pumpkins and October are like wine and cheese, bread and butter, apple pie and ice cream, the two belong to each other and it’s hard to imagine one without the other. The designer in me loves the symmetry of a perfect pumpkin, I find their shape extremely appealing and am happy with a single pumpkin sitting on the kitchen counter, as a striking yet iconic symbol of Fall.

Where will you put your pumpkins this year? I love that we have opportunity to not only use real pumpkins but so many of our favorite design shops now sell pumpkins made from almost any material imaginable; mercury glass, ceramic, willows, fabric, concrete (I have a gorgeous concrete pumpkin that comes out of storage every Fall to sit on my kitchen counter) and metal, and I’m not trying to forget about real pumpkins, which I love to use, especially outside on the porch and around my planters that flank the front doors. There is the perfect pumpkin for every décor.

If you are using real pumpkins indoors, just be aware that they will eventually start to go bad and watch for the bottoms softening. Real pumpkins, which are available in the traditional orange but also in various shades of white look wonderful au natural or you can add your creative touch by painting the stem a hot pink or gilded gold. In other years, I have also painted the entire pumpkin. You can empty out the pumpkin and puncture it with a series of tiny pin lights for an entrance lantern. Stack many together or stack a large, medium and small with some Fall planting greens between them for your traditional urns or simply let the aesthetics of one rule and place it beside your pots, on a gate post or on a small table or wine barrel that sits outside to help embrace the season.

Inside pumpkin decor is just as fun! Set a tiny white pumpkin on the bathroom countertop, another under a bell jar on the coffee table or dining buffet, use miniatures painted with gold leaf as place cards at your next Autumn dinner party. Arrange a grouping of real or mercury glass, ceramic or metal pumpkins with candles on the dining table or fireplace mantel. Adorn and fill in with hay, curly willow and LED lights (don’t use real candles next to the hay and dried branches). Using paint pens, glitter glue, wire or cord (to wrap stems) get creative and give your pumpkins a one-of-a-kind look.

This weekend your project is to head out to the pumpkin patch and gather a few (or a lot) of pumpkins to bring home. Embrace the season and get creative naturally, well sort of, as we glue and bedazzle our pumpkins. That’s living fabulously!

Creatively Yours,

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