About Let’s Shop

Let's Shop imageLET’S SHOP is a whirlwind tour of the most exclusive, exciting and famous shopping destinations in the world. For Host Cheryll Gillespie, shopping is a passion and an art form; for shopping and culture enthusiasts, LET’S SHOP is inspirational, educational and always highly entertaining.

LET’S SHOP can currently be seen on 6 continents. Please consult your local listings.

About Cheryll

Cheryll’s keen eye for detail and sense of style has led to a growing and successful career in interior design and the media. Cheryll ran an interior design firm in Western Canada for 15 years, specializing in both commercial and residential design work. As an established and celebrated designer, she began to share her expertise with a national audience – through public speaking, television, radio and print. Today, in addition to hosting two popular national radio shows, Cheryll writes for over 290 newspaper publications a column on construction, design and décor, making her one of the most successful syndicated columnists in Canada.