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It’s time to embark on your annual closet clean out, this weekend, give your closet its seasonal makeover.

I love my closet and can happily spend hours in there creating outfits, but it does take some time and effort to create and maintain a dream closet. Here are my designer tips for a fabulous dressing space.

None of us seem to boast about having enough closet space, so make room by utilizing spare closets and even the basement to store out of season clothes. I’ve invested in one of the rolling clothing racks to make sorting clothes and moving seasonal items in and out easier. By storing your clothes on rolling racks and or in clearly labeled bins you can easily access them when you are packing for that winter getaway and need some of those sexy summer pieces. This is also the time for a clothing cull. If you haven’t worn it in two years, you’re probably not going to ever wear it so donate that piece to your favorite charity. If there’s a piece you love but it’s starting to look ratty and worn out, let it go!

When I’m designing a closet, I utilize every square inch from top to bottom. I have shelving on the bottom and from the top of the rod to the ceiling. A great investment is to hire a closet designer to maximize your storage space with well-planned hanging bars and shelving- max out! Bins and baskets are a must have. From shorts to t-shirts to underwear, bins hold these items well. I put hooks on every available wall space for scarfs, belts, robes and purses. A floor standing coat rack next to the closet also works to hold purses and hats. Have a funky hook available to hang an outfit for a special event on or even your work outfit for tomorrow on. This hook can be in the bedroom if need be.

Good lighting in your closet is a must, if it’s too dark, call your friendly electrician and have a new light installed, preferably something with sparkle- after all the lighting is the jewelry of a home and what better spot to display chandelier jewelry than in the closet.

Coordinate all of your hangers. Matched hangers look great and will keep clothing uniformly hung. When your closet looks great and is well planned, you’ll be thrilled to put in the effort to keep it this way. Our closets fall apart when we don’t have enough storage space and when there is no specified designation for items.

Always put like-items with like-items. All long sleeve shirts hang together, all dresses hang together etc. Now organize all of these items from lightest to darkest- follow the colour wheel starting with white, then moving to beige and yellow, orange, red, purple blue, green, brown, grey and then black.

Spend a few hours in your closet this weekend and stay fabulous!

Creatively Yours,

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