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Garage Sale Season

Cheryll Gillespie, Garage Sale Season

You may not want it but I might? Yesterday, my girlfriend Dana and I went garage sale shopping. She’s getting married this summer, so she was on a mission to find 100 china dinner plates. She’s serving the wedding dinner on fabulously, beautiful eclectic vintage floral themed china dishes. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, followed of course with lunch on a patio and a delicious bottle of wine to revel in our finds.

Partly the lure of garage sale shopping is the thrill of the hunt, and the surprise of the find. You truly never know what treasures you will find as you travel from sale to sale. We were successful on with our dinnerware mission, a beautiful place setting for ten for twenty dollars. I found a collection of 156 ounce (huge) champagne bottles for two dollars apiece. Yes, they were empty. Score, for me, as I’ve been wanting to use these oversized bottle as outside candle holders. I’ll give it a good washing, fill it with sand so its heavy enough not to blow over even in the strongest wind and then drip many layers of melted wax down the bottle and replace the cork with a candle and I’ll have the perfect dining table center piece. I also found a vintage round sterling silver tray, that polished up perfectly this morning, a crystal jam jar complete with sterling silver spoon and a couple of brand new Gund teddy bears ( still with the price tag attached) for the four legged kids at home. Not a large haul this weekend, but a fun day and time to have a good visit with a girlfriend.

It’s the perfect Saturday adventure but you need to go prepared. The ability to think on your feet creatively is a must , as you only have a few minutes to look at an item and decide if you can work with it or if it’s a great piece to bring home. You’ll find furniture that you can paint and restore, so you need to be able to recognize good lines or even a mid century modern piece that may need to be sent in to have the legs re-chromed, but once done, you would then be the proud owner of a coveted designer case good. Go prepared with plenty of cash for bargaining purposes, comfortable shoes, bottled water, your creative thinking cap, an open mind and a full tank of gas.

The early bird gets the worm and the best items, so go early and plan your route ahead of time. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t find anything good this weekend as you just never know when or where you will find a true treasure. The fun is in the hunt and the camaraderie. Live fabulously and design well – it doesn’t take a huge budget but rather, a good eye and an adventurist spirit.

Creatively Yours,


Designer Gift Ideas

Cheryll Gillespie, Designer Gift Ideas

As much as I love Christmas, the spirit of the season, the glitz, the sparkle, the cheer and the festivities, the one element that I’m not fond of is all the shopping. I’m sure you’re like me, I love to give presents and do so constantly throughout the year, when I see something that is perfect for someone special, I buy it and give generously, but if I’m forced to buy and don’t have any ideas what to get them, then I’m not fond of just buying something for the sake of having a gift to give.

To help with your hard-to-buy-for someone’s, here are a few of my designer ideas that could solve the problem of that difficult to give to person or the person who has it all. For me, gifts are about those extras, those luxury pieces that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves so with that in mind here are a few holiday gift-giving suggestions.

I’m in love with these little festive bird houses and all my girlfriends love them almost as much as the feathered friends do.

Cheryll Gillespie, Designer Gift IdeasA beautiful coffee table book on art, design, architecture, fashion or photography is an always welcomed gift. Consider the persons room colour palette and buy a book that will work with the colour palette in the space. Just a designer note, when you are giving any gift for the home, always purchase with the home owner’s colour palette and style in mind, even for gifts as simple as a bunch of flowers. My friends know that I prefer all white while some of my girlfriends prefer pink or oranges.

Both my daughter and I, are ring-loving girls and we adore a big sparkly hunk of fabulous on our fingers. Give a wonderful piece of custom jewelry to the girl who almost has it all. An over the top glamourous clutch for those special evenings is another you-cant-go-wrong gift. Think loads of sparkle, pearls and a little rock and roll edge.

Especially this time of year, we all need an amazing ice bucket to keep that bottle of champagne chilled as we entertain for the evening. Look for buckets covered in faux croc leather or handles adorned with semi-precious crystals.

Have custom table linens made. It can be as simple as taking ready-made napkins and a table cloth into your local embroidery shop and having the home owner’s initials monogrammed onto the pieces. Speaking of monogrammed items, there is still time to give beautiful monogramed or custom stemware or stationary as a gift.

A collection of wonderful ornate ornaments that suite the receivers personal style is also a fun and unique gift that will truly be something cherished for generations to come. It’s not the price tag that makes a gift special, it’s the time and thoughtfulness it took to choose the perfect gift that’s has been memorably acquired for those special people in your world. Now that’s gifting,and living, fabulously.


Be Where You Are

Cheryll Gillespie, Be Where You Are

Years ago a producer gave me great advice, he said “learn to be where you are”, now, when he blessed me with this piece of wisdom I don’t believe that he was referring to interior design but it’s good advice for our homes, as well as our spirits. We have all travelled and love to become enthralled with the essence of the location, a villa in Mexico, that is  true to itself and rich in Mexican flavor, or the charming safari five star villa in South Africa or the romance of a Tuscan villa in Italy. We love these spaces and I understand the need to bring them home with you but heed my friend’s advice and be where you are.

I’m all for bringing home a few treasured finds and mementoes from our travels, heck darn – this is what I’m all about, hence the TV show that travels the globe sharing with you the world’s best shopping destinations… but to create a home that doesn’t belong where it is usually doesn’t work, yet time and time again I’m in homes that just don’t belong where they are. You’ve probably been there as well, undoubtedly we have all been to visit friends and their home and sat through the evening thinking wow, this house is fabulous but it just doesn’t feel right here. A home needs to embrace its owner’s personality, style, treasures and the essence of where they live. One should never over-power the other, it is designed to create balance. A balance of where we are today, where we were yesterday and where we dream of being tomorrow.

I travel an awful lot, between shooting the TV show Let’s Shop, buying trips for my design company, Rock House Style, and my interior projects overseas, I’ve been blessed with an abundance of travel around the world. I embrace it all and try to create a home that feels as if it belongs in Canada’s wine country, yet is well traveled. We should never have the home’s vibe or energy be too locational themed, both in its architecture and its décor. Edit, edit edit. Bring in elements of inspired spaces from your travels but inject only one or two elements not the entire space.

China, is a second home for me having spent so much time there over the last fifteen years, and it would be easy for me to create a home here that is too oriental in its design. I love the gardens, the antiques, the silk papers but that doesn’t mean that I need to have too much of my Chinese favorites in my home. Next time you drop in for a glass of wine, look around and see if you can spot the ‘Chinese elements’. Yes, you’ll see a porcelain Buddha, and an antique dragon but what else can you spot? A well designed house never leans to much toward one style or one culture. It is instead simply gorgeous and completely at ease being just where it is! Now that’s living fabulously.


All I Want for Christmas

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, All I want for Christmas

Designers, like everyone, have a Christmas wish list, here are a few of the ‘wishes’ that are on mine and a few gift ideas that I’ll be giving to my friends and family this year.

Rotary Iron – First on my list is totally a #1 want for me, it is the Miele Rotary Iron. I’m not a big ironer but I do love to have my sheets ironed (the ultimate luxury and the best sleep ever!) , my table linens pressed and the look of a perfectly pressed shirt on my man. With the rotary iron you simply sit down and feed your linens, sheets or shirts through the wheels which are controlled with a foot pedal. I might actually even enjoy ironing if I had one of these.

Coffee Table Books – Always near the top of my ‘wish list’ and ‘give list’ are great coffee table books, especially high end limited edition fashion, home design, art, photography or travel books. Don’t forget to inscribe a personal note inside the cover.

Gift Card for Designer Time – This is something that my business is asked for all the time and personally I believe it’s a truly wonderful gift, a certificate for a room makeover or organization. A professional comes to your home to help you make over a space or reorganize a closet, office or kitchen. That fresh, trained and objective eye is worth every penny.

Wine Club- Canada has so many world-renowned wineries and many offer an annual club service where three or four times a year you get a delivery of new releases and old favorites complete with tasting notes. Nowadays, most of the mail we get is bad news bills so imagine how exciting it is when the post office delivers a case of wine. Give the membership card in a basket of wine accessories and a ‘kick-off’ bottle of your favorite.

Flower Service – similar to the wine club membership, imagine a gift of flowers for the year. You determine how often they are delivered and can even choose the type of flowers or plants that will be sent.

Herb Planter- I love to cook and essential to my recipes are fresh herbs. Aromatic and a gorgeous addition to any kitchen countertop is a pot, bowl or basket of yummy herbs. We do these up for clients regularly and they are always well received. Plant a collection of fresh herbs in a beautiful container (we use ice buckets, glass or sterling silver urns, vases and bowls-becreative) Cover the soil with green moss. Wrap in clear cellophane, tie with a beautiful ribbon and deliver with love.

Basket of Beauty- Girls love to play with makeup so give a beauty basket. Fill with glamorous essentials such as makeup mirrors, cosmetic bags and fun new beauty products. Keep a picture of the recipient on your phone to show to the beauty experts at the cosmetics counter so that they can help you choose colors and products that are chosen specifically for their skin coloring and age.

Drill- one of my favorite gifts from my husband was a drill years ago. I love my handy little 12v drill for everything from small projects around the house to crafts.

Great Throw- who doesn’t love a fabulous throw? Cashmere, faux fur, or knit, these are some of my favorites and a home can never have too many. Perfect hostess gift!

Terrarium- a terrarium is hot and high on the trendy list for 2014 so consider giving one to someone special this Christmas. Plant a group of small tropical or succulents in a glass bowl, bottle or orb, add a personal non-living element such as a small statue, quartz crystal or organic element, a little moss and voila!

Massage Package- who doesn’t need to relax and destress? This year, wrap up a portable massage table and a basket of oils along with a gift card for in-home massages from a local massage therapist. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a piece of fabulous Rock House jewelery! Make that list, check it twice and live and give fabulous!


Summer Blues

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Summer Blues

I’ve got the summer blues. I’m suffering with an extreme lust for all the blues of summer – turquoise, indigo and cobalt.

I just can’t get enough of these heavenly hues at home.

Shades of blue are fabulous accents, easy to live with, appealing to just about everyone and did you know that while turquoise brings a sense of youth with it, indigo and cobalt instill a sense of trust and sincerity? Blues work with just about every decor palette. One of the best sources for inspiring palettes is your favorite fashion magazine. Grab a copy of Vogue or Elle, a glass of lemonade and don your bikini and let’s head out to the lounge chairs on the patio in search of a new palette for our favorite rooms. At home, my personal colour palette came from a tear sheet from a Ralph Lauren runway show about four years ago and its still fabulous and still in vogue. The shot was of a model wearing a white bikini, drape in a caramel and chocolate fur wrap, standing on a sanding beach with brilliant blue water and sky behind her. The crisp whites, the varying shades of blue and blue greys, the caramel and the dark chocolate established my palette at home and I love it. Professionally, we often choose and present a color or mood board to a client along side a tear sheet from a runway show or fashion magazine. Apparel fashion is one of the best sources of inspiration and direction for home fashion and you’ll certainly have no trouble finding blues in fashion this season.

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group, Summer BluesShades of blues work with just about every existing palette. They add sparkle to a bland mix of neutrals: creams, beige, taupe, chocolate, black, and charcoal. They are simply brilliant with crisp whites and they even work great with other accents such as red, purple, greens and yellow. Blue is one of the most versatile and flexible colour opportunities that we have at our designer disposal. So how can we mix in a little blue at home?

We never want too much of any one colour but when applying an accent shade to a space you do need to use it at least three times within the room or it’s an accident instead of an accent. So, toss in the throw cushion, drape a blue throw over the arm of the sofa or lay it at the end of the bed, add a funky one-of denim chair to an empty corner, set a blue granite picture frame on a book shelf or end table, spray paint your lamp base a beautiful blue hue, wallpaper a couple of walls with an oversized blue geometric pattern or colour block a wall with blue paint. You can dress up a space with the season’s most desired hue in less than fifteen minutes- it doesn’t take long or a lot of dollars to keep your rooms in ‘vogue’.

Have you found your ‘blue inspiration’ yet? If you’re still hesitant to try adding blue to your decor, create a gorgeous “blue moment” in your kitchen by filling a tall glass container with water or lemonade and blueberries for a splash of blue. Hurry up then and indulge your blue crush and bring it home for fabulous living!


Summer Treasure Hunts

Cheryll Gillespie Media Group - Summer Treasure Hunt

Summer vacations are an opportunity to treasure hunt for your home. I love to travel, whether by plane, train, motorcycle or automobile and part of the enjoyment is never knowing what treasures you may find along the way.

Rooms need to tell stories, to make us laugh, to ensure we ponder and they need to have personality. While we often shop the big chain stores for furniture and accessory pieces, we also need the ‘one of’s’ to make a room our own. You definitely do not want a room that looks like it stepped straight off the catalogue pages, you never want your room to be a recognizable look. What we do want is a room that is uniquely yours.

Close to home and away from home, this is estate, flea market, and garage sale season. If it looks interesting go- you never know what you may find. A few years back at a garage sale, I found a brass fish. The fish is approximately 22 inches long and well I didn’t like it in its current brassy condition but I now love it spray painted white sitting on my patio cocktail table. Everyone always asks as they sip on a glass of chardonnay while enjoying to sun where I got it and can they order one. Unfortunately or lucky for me I think it’s a ‘one of’. At yet another, I have bought a 8 foot cactus, a 12 foot dracaena tree, a granite wine bottle holder, to many candle sticks to count ( and for a few dollars a piece there is no hesitation to paint them a wacky hue and get creative), numerous antique pieces, a couple of great paintings (no velvet Elvis’s), picture frames, and so many more treasures. On a road trip not too far from home, we stopped at a little junk store and ended up buying a 150 lb chunk of amethyst crystal – so fabulous!

These treasures are not only brilliant and fabulous pieces for the home but they help preserve memories of great day and wonderful times, they bring uniqueness and individuality to your rooms. So stop the car, break up the road trip with a few treasure seeking pit stops, keep your eyes peeled for interesting little shops and the ‘estate sale signs. Get the girls together for a Friday evening garage sale gathering. Wear comfortable shoes, bring the truck and cash. But, most importantly, put on your designer cap- you need to be able to see past the items current condition, past the grime and the dirt, beyond the tattered frame, blah wood finish, weathered exterior, you need to recognize the potential, the diamond in the rough.

How to create a fabulous home – look for one of kind items that you’ll only find in your space. Show off your creativity, even the most expensive, incredible luxurious estates desire the one of’s so whether you seek them out yourselves or hire a designer to do it for you this is how we create those very special spaces that we love to call home.


New York

New York

This week I’m taking a road trip through the State of New York looking for fabulous designer pieces and creative inspiration. I started off in lovely Toronto, crossed the border into Buffalo and then drove to the Adirondacks and wrapped up my trip in Syracuse. This area is known for its picker haunts and artisan havens and my trip did not disappoint. Not only did i make a lot of fabulous new friends but i got suitcases full of great ideas and trunks full of incredible finds.

New YorkIn Buffalo i ran into designer and Architect Michael P (yes it is just P) who was just putting on the finishing touches on the rooms of a restored hotel. His idea that I loved, was to take the linen wallpaper he was using behind the bed to a local print shop and have it printed with a photograph, for this project he used an historic snap shot but imagine what we could do at home! This idea can be applied to more than wallpaper, try roller blinds, shower curtains and throw cushions.

In Aurora, I stopped into the local Arts Center and found these gorgeous wind chimes and glass and crystal sculptures. Loved loved loved both idea’s which i know that we could do ourselves at home. Speaking of loving an idea, on a whimsical note i found a four foot silver teapot sculpture made from old stacked silver or plated tea pots, absolutely brilliant. At the Mackenzie Childs store I also made note of the picture frames that they made from their broken pottery and odds and sods- great fun for a child’s room or even the sun porch. I also loved the old armoires that they turned in to bars or mini kitchen suites, great for a guest room or your family bar. I also saw an old red telephone booth at an antique store turned into a bar -a 25 cent glass of wine anyone?

New YorkAt another shop I found these great glass vases in which they had shortened the chain of a vintage stop watch and wrapped it around the neck of the bottle. I love old time pieces and now I know exactly how I’m going to display one or two of them in my home.

At the foot of the Adirondacks I made a true friend Barney Bellinger. This amazing man who’s beloved by many of America’s best decorators and fashion designers, including Ralph Lauren is the king of upcycling. Barnie is a painter, sculpture, woodworker and artist extraordinaire. As I scoured the out buildings I found fabulous vintage 1950’s signage and couldn’t resist buying the four foot letters that spelled ‘ART’ for my own home, I’m so excited. I also took home a wood lamp with a shade made from old conveyer belts and a metal glove form that was used in the 1920’s to steam the gloves into shape. Barnie and I will stay in touch and I will return.

New YorkI love a home that is filled with unusual pieces with a story, both vintage and modern. This is what makes a room truly yours; this is the room that we want to take the time to explore. Road trips and holidays are where we often discover these pieces for our homes and just think of the stories you will have to share, now that’s fabulous living!

Salad is a staple meal at our home and I love topping my salads with seasoned nuts. Yesterday I got a chef at a New York State four diamond restaurant to share his recipe for seasoned pecans or walnuts with me. Blanche the nuts, then toss with Allspice, cinnamon, cloves and sugar. Simply bake and then toss in your salad-yummmmm


Clearly it’s Fabulous

Clearly it's Fabulous Image

There are a few stand out trends in the design world that we should take a look at-one of them is clearly a great idea and one is a tried and true idea. I bought my first piece of Lucite almost twenty years ago-yikes really twenty years ago how can that be? I bought a couple of end tables, an ice bucket and a pair of lamps while attending the North Carolina International Furniture show. I still have them; they are timeless collector pieces that work in just about every decor.
Today top designers from New York to Istanbul to Paris are seeking our fabulous Lucite pieces to work into their clients rooms. Looking at the popularity of the ‘ghost chair’ and now all the knock off and similar versions of this piece that are available to us. Sam and I were working on a new restaurant design yesterday and she showed me a vintage suitcase encased in a Lucite box to use as a coffee table in the lounge-love love love it. Clear acrylic or Lucite is trendy, timeless and certainly fabulous- how can you bring it home?
Clearly it's FabulousI’m on the hunt for some Lucite easels to use in a living room to hold art as opposed to hanging it on the walls and am always seeking fabulous coffee tables that are ‘clearly’ well designed and visually demand less space because they are see-through. As with most design elements tread lighting one or two pieces of Lucite in a room is more than enough- too much of a good thing is simply too much. Hot with Lucite right now is a mixed marriage of Lucite and texture. Look for stools and benches that have a fabric or fur seat with Lucite legs.
You guys know that I love to travel and some of my favorite destinations are in the Middle East. I enjoy that Arabic hospitality and I love the architecture, especially the Arabic patterns and motifs. How exciting it is that these motifs are providing the inspiration for some of the best designers and this year’s trendiest pieces. Look for Arabic inspired patterns and details to begin appearing on wallpaper, serving ware, lamp bases, textiles and even wall and floor tiles. Where to use it at home? Try wallpapering a powder room in a graphic print inspired by Arabic patterns or simply toss a couple of throw cushions with an Arabic motif on the sofa. Use a tray with a Arabic pattern on top of the bar. In the design year to follow you’ll have no trouble finding great pieces inspired by the Middle East. If you’re looking for a travel destination this fall consider a trip to Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman orQatar for research and bring home some authentic pieces that are spot on trend and besides you’ll have a fabulous holiday.
Great design is constantly evolving and are rooms should be designed to ‘roll’ with us and our lifestyles and personalities. Now that’s fabulous living!
Searching for great coffee table books? When I travel I always look forward to museums and art galleries. Not only do we enjoy the artifacts and art but we love to shop the museum stores. These stores are great places to find amazing coffee table and library books that just aren’t available any where else. You can also find some one of a kind glasses and even jewelry- never avoid the ‘store’.

It’s So Miami

It's so Miami Image 1

I just arrived back home from shooting another episode of Let’s Shop and this trip we hit Miami and have I got some great design ideas to share. One of the greatest blessings of travel is that not only can you hunt and gather fun products and pieces for your design but you can also gather suitcases full of inspiration.

Miami is a hot bed of product, creativity and hot designers, in fact, as I was chatting up the proprietor of one of Miami’s hottest design stores Nici, in walks Juan, straight out of Paris’s top 10 Designer  list. How fun was it for me to watch him and his client pick out and order about twelve items in less than ten minutes. “One of these, two of these tables and eight of these rock crystal vases and one of those oversized prints……”. Traditionally when we think of Miami we think sun, sand and of course South Beach but nowadays Miami is sooooooo much more.

I love colour and in Miami there is no shortage of fabulous colur and it’s truly a treat to see the return of colour to our rooms at home. Bright woven rugs, glass bowls and vases, chandeliers dripping with turquoise, amethyst and hot bright beads were amongst my top picks. Other notables in the lighting department were chandeliers dripping with barnacle’s – omg I’m in love and a chandelier is something that could change with the season. At one high end, all-Italian designer shop I saw outdoor ornaments such as two foot turtles, dog sculptures and strange kitchy pieces all painted in matte bright hues, blue, red, yellow and green. One of these pieces would look super beside the back yard pool or next to a patio chair, so much fun! Garden stools are also a fun find; you can find them in metallics and fabulous summer brights. I love the look of three in a row or even set a single metallic stool in your shower.

It's So Miami Image 2

Air plants, succulents and terrariums are all the rage in Miami, not only do they look fabulous, living art literally but they are so easy to grow, mist regularly and enjoy. Living sculpture, and oh so summer!

Oversized was also a notable trend, oversized and fabulous photo prints were very sexy especially when paired with a bright tangerine, yellow or a turquoise wall. Oversized glass bowls and vintage floor lamps made me drool and it was more than apparent that gold is certainly a stronger trend than silver right now and looked amazing with these bright summer hues. Photo prints also looked brilliant upholstered onto the backs of some very sexy one of a kind chairs-think about this: a wonderful high gloss black frame, black leather seat and then bam, a super pigmented photo (think Alexander McQueen) transposed onto fabric as a chair back upholstery. If you have the chance to visit Miami, be sure to make the Design District  a must-go shopping destination, when I travel I also like to visit a few show suites to see what’s going on and to undoubtedly bring home some great home fashion inspiration.

This weekend plant is an Aloe Vera plant, not only are they a sexy summer plant but they are useful. Aloe Vera plants are fabulous savers for a summer sunburn, addition to a cool tea or sparkling water cocktail and they look terrific on a patio table as plant art. Keep the planter simple and let the spiky elegance of the plant make the statement.

Christmas List

Christmas List Image

Have you finished your holiday shopping? I didn’t think so, so I’m hoping that this list may be timely inspiration for those with creative flair and a passion for home on your list.

Finding the perfect gift for all the fabulous people on your list can be challenging and who wants an uninspired necktie or a sweater under their tree? One thing that I always welcome as a gift is a fabulous coffee table book-honestly Sam and I can’t get enough books and sometimes these are hard items to justify purchasing for yourself as a limited edition or coveted hardcover can certainly be expensive. Vintage and antique books are also welcome additions to our library shelves. Has designer tools a great book looks fabulous on the end table next to a favorite living room or bedside chair. A coffee table book looks great on the coffee table of course. Our favorite topics include books on design, architecture, travel, cooking and of course fashion.  Books we love this year include the new Mary McDonald Interiors not only for its content but for the fabulous gold lettering on the spine, (yes, my books coordinate and work with the room) The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture.

Fabulous faux fur shawls and throws are rich warm and cuddly additions to the end of the bed, arm of a sofa or favorite chair. A delicious addition to a fabulous space: look for black mink for an art deco or traditionally styled room, fox for a country manor or white mink for a friend with a glamorous bedroom.

Email and texting are just too easy and we just don’t take the time to send hand written notes these days, which I think is a real shame. Personalized stationary is great gift that look luxurious on everyone’s desk. Grab your shopping list and head to your favorite craft or office supply store (most stores that order wedding stationary will also do personalized stationary) or just open up the laptop and look for a supplier on line and trust me there are plenty and start ordering. Inexpensive and thoughtful, I love this idea.

Here’s a rock solid idea. How about a beautiful chunk of crystal or amethyst or even graphite. Flipping through your favorite shelter magazine you undoubtedly notice amazing chunks of rock sitting beautiful on horizontal surfaces in the most spectacular rooms. We love finding fabulous pieces of rock to bring home a welcome treasure that will always be in style and will never go stale.

Linen dinner napkins are a great gift especially when you take the time to have them monogrammed with the families initials. We monogram all the time, table linens, bathrobes and even pillow cases. It take the ordinary and creates the fabulous-god is in the details and it’s these little touches that take the gift from good to wow.

Nothing feels more fabulous to give a gift that you are really proud of and that you know will be loved and adored for years to come-that’s fabulous living!

Scent is the number one route to our brains memory center- conjure fabulous visions of Christmases gone past by filling your home with the scent of the season. Candles and essential oils such as pine, cinnamon and citrus are right in seasons and don’t forget to blend a couple of scents together. Rooms should always appeal to all five of our senses.